Protect Wesley
Fall semester classes will commence on August 24th and instruction will be face-to-face, with the utilization of face coverings and social distancing. However, in some restricted situations, hybrid and online instruction may be utilized. Additionally, there will be contingency plans in place for a phased shift to online instruction, as was done this past Spring, if the State mandates such measures resultant from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Please note, we have altered our Fall semester calendar resultant to the COVID19 Pandemic as follows:

  • The two-day Fall break in October has been moved to November 23rd and 24th
  • Face-to-Face instruction will end on Friday, November 20, 2020
  • Exams and final projects will be completed online


Wesley College Bookstore will have less books in the store this fall. Most books will be coming from the warehouse. In order to help with that process, go online - - enter the information to find your required materials, and purchase or rent them from there. You will be given options on where you would like them sent - to your house (may be preferred if you are a commuter) or to the college.

If for some reason an incorrect book is sent, please bring it to the bookstore during the college store hours and we will help you with the replacement.

Fall 2020 Academic Calendar
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